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David Clough Construction, LLC is a new home and renovation contractor based out of Wenham, MA, who makes every client a primary focus. Working one project at a time to give the attention to detail and craftsmanship needed for a higher quality standard. Working to make homes outstanding, performing above and beyond expectations for every client.

While we are known for our work with building private custom homes, our services also include other renovation projects in bathrooms, kitchens, corporate office space, and individual rooms.

We offer a full spectrum of construction services, including:


We will work with you and the designer right from the beginning, and maintain good communication every step of the way throughout the building project. Our hands-on project management approach means we control and coordinate each stage of the build. We also provide a comprehensive plan with key decision-making timelines for all those choices you need to make along the way so that no decision is left to the last minute.


We apply the same exacting standards present in all our workmanship to restoration projects, providing an attention to detail that is sympathetic with the building’s original features.

Restoration and renovation projects are planned carefully so that any extensive repair work can be anticipated and provided for within the project budget. Our experienced team can provide practical advice on how best to renovate your property for the most efficient use of space and what will add value or greater versatility to your existing structure.

We use a strict project management regime from start to finish helping ensure a smooth and stress-free execution of your home or commercial renovation or restoration project.


Our experienced builders will help you choose the right materials and advise you where to make changes so that you can achieve everything you need from your home within your budget, without compromising the standard of finish. We build to a high standard of workmanship to provide a professional quality finish that will last.


Whether you like sleek clean lines or fancy scrollwork, you can style your home just the way you like it and still have it fit the current trends. Picking a style also doesn’t have to limit you to strictly one style, as you can incorporate several styles if you’d like to go with a more eclectic look. The most important is to find a style or look that fits you and that you’ll love to see every day.