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Letter of Recommendation


David Clough and his expert crew turned our damp, old summer cottage surrounded by woods and ocean air into a state-of-the-art, year-round home. Creating this seaside gem involved among other things:

  • Opening up a rabbit warren of rooms to create an expansive open downstairs living/dining/kitchen area.
  • Building a second story master suite with sweeping views of the Atlantic, and three other bedrooms.
  • Coordinating subcontractors needed for four luxurious bathrooms, and a gourmet Wolfe and marble kitchen.
  • Upgrading an original paneled “ball room” and library with new windows, radiant heat, floor restoration, and masonry repair.
  • Building a mahogany front porch and entertaining deck (our favorite part of the house!).

David always knew how to suggest just the right solutions when the crew faced gnarly issues with the renovation. Because we wanted to retain the charm of the original house while modernizing, there were some complex structural issues that arose. David and his crew tackled each and every challenge with gusto. Siemasko Verbridge architectural plans provided a starting point, but Clough had to solve on-site issues such as a difficult intersecting of old roof lines. When removing walls to create larger, open spaces, he sometimes had to invent solutions for alternative support features. The list goes on.

David’s patience allowed us to push everything toward perfection. For example, we had detailed architect’s elevations for the extensive installation of Pella architectural series windows and doors, but a few key things had to be changed as the site’s potential became more apparent. David was always willing and eager to go that extra mile to get it right.

Also, as the building progressed David always had an eye open for identifying pleasant surprise opportunities that were discovered once building was underway. For example, after spending time on the complex roof, he and his foreman, Damon realized that from the roof you could see above the tree line that blocks our view for part of the year. They came up with a widow’s walk idea that allowed you to see the ocean year round. We were not able to afford installing it, but David had wiring, etc. done so that it could be easy to build it later on. This was an example of how David could bring his vast experience to bear in discussing prices and practicality before spinning too far on an idea.

We were working with a very tight budget given the scale and scope of the project, but David was able to help us prioritize and allocate wisely. He encouraged us not to compromise on mechanicals (best quality, long lasting electrical and plumbing; radiant heat and HVAC; whole house water filtration; alarm system; central vacuum, electrical surge protection; and basement/crawl space dehumidification). Midway into the project, we were able to stop using an architect and instead rely solely on David’s hands-on expertise to guide the finishing work, such as selecting trim, wood flooring, hardware, and detailing of molding for fireplaces and built-ins, and even paint color! While his initial bid had not been the lowest bid of various contractors, we are sure that in the long run he has given us the best value going, and has made this once in a lifetime experience completely enjoyable.

Alas, toward the end of the project as money dried up, we were not able to take his recommendation to install all copper gutters that were more in keeping with the house. We could only afford to do the front side with them. And we had to postpone our garage construction. But we are certain we will hire Clough to do that work in the future.

One of our favorite stories about the construction is that we gave David a photo of a Nantucket vacation home we once rented. It had a bench running the length of the deck which we always loved. Within days “voila” it was done. Wow! It is now one of our favorite places to be outside.

The crew’s constant good cheer and steady work pace — from exterior demolition in the deep of a very cold winter to summer shingling – made the whole process of building a new home very exciting and fun.

We highly recommend Clough Construction.

Recommendation for CLOUGH CONSTRUCTION submitted by:
Claire and Tony Leggett
Manchester, Ma. 01944

“We love our house you have built for us. Although a complex design, you were able to construct it without issue and display its many features as envisioned in the architectural design. It is now a show piece for our friends and family.

“One of the keys to the successful construction of our home was your assemblage of a competent group of sub-contractors. We were particularly impressed by the high quality associated with your teams finish carpentry. We know others will benefit by your professionalism, and we are happy to recommend your services to anyone seeking quality construction.”

“We’re really pleased with how the house came out. The house evolved along the way. That’s when things turn out the best.”

“As an architect, I have worked with many contractors; few have matched the level of craftsmanship, pride in work, attention to budgetary concerns, responsiveness, patience, fairness and honesty that I found in David Clough and his crew.”

“It’s been a real pleasure having you there to help us from the ground up. You treated us with courtesy and respect and were always there when we had questions and concerns. Really appreciate all the hard work you put into making our home come together so smoothly and on time–WE LOVE IT.”

“It was a really positive experience. We have recommended David Clough to our friends. Considering there was such a condensed timeline, the job ran really smoothly. They brought to our attention every detail, things we hadn’t even seen ourselves, it was a very smooth process! “

“Our house blends two different centuries,” says the wife of the headmaster at Pingree School. It also combines two demanding lifestyles. “The house helps us balance our private family life with our public role at the school. David Clough made us a real masterpiece!”

“The complete rehabilitation and renovation of an 1850’s farmhouse poses many challenges, both apparent and unforeseen. Working with David Clough Construction made a potentially difficult project an enjoyable, exciting, and relatively problem-free experience.”